Performance Enhancement

Are you already great at what you do, and want to be even better? Are you suffering from a blockage that is stopping you from performing at your usual level? Then coaching can help you overcome the blockage and to reach the next level of performance.

You are somebody who is already achieving great results in your field, and want to ensure that you stay on top of your game?

You are a competitive professional who wants to be the best you can be will work with a coach to ensure that you remain focused and that your performance continues to excel?

To ensure you stay motivated, you need a game plan relating to future aspirations, considering where you want to be in two or five years’ time.

By the end of your coaching programme you will have even greater clarity, focus, and determination of your goals and the confidence to go out and smash your targets and reach the next level.

Most Performance Enhancement Coaching programmes are designed to run over a predetermined number of sessions which we will decide at the beginning depending on your desired goals. Usually 6 sessions of 90 minutes are sufficient to give the maximum benefits, although this can vary from client to client.

Most clients will coincide the sessions with an upcoming challenge or project, so that they can receive the necessary support and motivation before or during the event.

The process starts with goal setting and an agreement of what changes are required to deliver the desired results by the end of the programme and to empower you to behave more effectively.

During the middle of the programme we will review the coaching so far, discuss progress towards your goals and find out if anything is blocking progress. At this stage, I will utilise additional techniques to ensure further progress and help you to realise your own solutions to gain more confidence.

At the end of the process we will review the objectives set out at the beginning to ensure they’ve all been met and discuss and agree how you intend to maintain these changes. We will discuss options for any further follow-up sessions as required.

Are you ready to stop settling for second best and make the changes to get the life of your dreams?

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