Confidence & Self-Esteem

How would you like to boost your confidence and self-esteem to allow you to achieve your goals and take the control back into your life?

What is the difference between confidence and self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the value that we see ourselves as having in the world, such as “am I worthy?” and confidence is related to action, it’s a belief that we can succeed at something.

Confidence is known as “domain specific” which means we can be confident in one area of our lives and totally unconfident in another.

In many ways, it can be easier to grow our confidence than our self-esteem, because our confidence builds when we take certain actions to keep pushing our boundaries and moving outside of our comfort zone.

However, there is a correlation between confidence and self-esteem, and generally, a person with high self-esteem will also have high confidence, although this confidence may not be demonstrated in all areas of their life.

How do we get low self-esteem or low confidence in the first place?

Confidence is constructed on solid achievements and may be lowered because of a difficult experience or a series of negative life events. It could also be because of being bullied or abused, losing your job or being unable to find work, ongoing stress or physical illness.

Low self-esteem can be deeply rooted, with origins in traumatic childhood experiences, such as prolonged separation from parent figures, neglect, or emotional, physical or sexual abuse and in later life, self-esteem can be undermined by ill health, getting divorced or frustrating relationships and a general sense of lack of control.

However, you may also believe you’ve suffered from low self-esteem for as long as you can remember and aren’t specifically aware of any event that triggered it or any negative situation that you experienced.

When we are suffering from low self-esteem we tend to see the world as a hostile place and ourselves as victims. As a result, we can be reluctant to express and assert ourselves and may miss out on experiences and opportunities and sabotage how we want to live our life.

If you can relate to these feelings and believe that you are lacking the confidence or self-esteem to show the world who you truly are, I can help you to change that.

I have got 3 amazing programmes that will boost your confidence and self-esteem to allow you to achieve your goals and take the control back in your life!

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