Polarities Integration

Polarities Integration is a new coaching technique which enables you to resolve any problems or emotional burdens right away through discovering and integrating your primordial polarities and any other polarities.

This technique is about personal and spiritual development, and aims to integrate your deep polarities (or opposites) and achieve 2 purposes simultaneously:

  • Increase the quality of your everyday living
  • Accelerate your spiritual development

This technique has its roots in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Primordial Energy Activation.

This process resolves your problems, by clearing your negative states and reactions.

Our problems consist of suppressed thoughts and emotions which are a combination of our reactions and states caused by internal and external events or circumstances.

Spiritual evolution:

By integrating polarities, we enter the state of ‘oneness’ and accelerate our spiritual development.

Our suppressed thoughts and emotions are the very reason for our distorted perception of the self and the world.

During this process, we will work with these four elements; mental images, thoughts, emotions and body sensations.

Polarities are ideas and accumulated charge, and integration of the polarities is removing charge around these ideas.

This technique can be used to address a specific issue in only one session, such as problems, goals and past experiences and for successful integration we need to identify two components: the situation and the reaction.

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