Clear ‘Browsers’ For Mental Clarity!

How would you like to get the most clarity you have had in years, in as little as 8 weeks?

It’s been eight weeks since I took the decision to remove my personal and business life, from all forms of social media.

The reason I took the decision to come off social media for business, was that it was over-running my life, it had become something which I was focusing a lot of my energy on, and it wasn’t necessarily producing results which matched my effort.

I know as a business that it is important to have a presence on social media as it doesn’t matter about my own personal preference, it is about making it easier for my clients and a great way to keep in touch with them. I have consistently posted on social media for the last 18 months since my business was officially formed, and despite holidays, work commitments, studying, illness and anything else that was going on in life generally, I always made my posts a priority.

Facebook has been the first point of contact for several of my clients, so I have definitely seen the value in having a presence there.

Since January when my business became my full-time focus and only revenue stream, I have enjoyed tremendous success helping many clients to overcome obstacles and enjoy an even better quality of life! It has been a whirlwind first half of the year and by the end of May I had noticed that I had so much going on, it was exciting, demanding, challenging and so rewarding and felt like things were snowballing and moving so fast I could hardly keep up with myself!

After returning from my holidays in South Africa and Greece, I knew that I needed to take some time to stop and re-evaluate what was important to me, and if I was spending the right amount of time in those areas.

I felt like all my browsers were open on my laptop, and each one pulling me to focus on that particular page, and the next one also pulling me to that page and so on. So at the end of the day I wouldn’t even be closing down my lap top properly, I was just closing the lid because I still had so many browsers open and ‘pending’ and sometimes I would only close the lid over half way and not even put it down fully!

This is true of how I felt mentally and also true of my actual laptop! My mind was going at 100 miles an hour, racing with so many ideas and plans that I wanted to do, and although this was excited energy, it was consuming a lot of energy and not actually producing results because I had too many things to focus on.

I cannot explain enough the enormous relief I felt in the first few days of coming off social media, it was like I had been set FREE! I had closed a couple of my browsers which had been draining my battery.

Almost at the same time as I took the decision to come off social media, it prompted me to look at the other commitments that I had made to various people and to myself, and to decide which ones I would delete for now, and which ones that I wanted to focus on. I wanted to free myself from all obligations.

The first place I looked at was anything which would have a financial impact. I had two pending holidays booked, a short trip to Paris at the beginning of June, and a longer trip to Australia and New Zealand in November, so I cancelled both of them, even though I did lose some money through cancelling the Paris trip at short notice, I knew I would still save money as I know what I’m like and it’s Paris?….I wasn’t going to go there on a budget!?

So I closed down two more browsers, and the relief was instant. (Although I feel like I now ‘owe’ myself those two holidays in the future!!) Even though I had booked both trips myself and wasn’t under any obligation from anyone else, it still felt so liberating to know that the rest of 2018 was promised to no one!

With every browser that I closed I immediately felt my mind free up ‘space’ in my brain, and I was excited to see what I was going to focus my time and energy on. I started to get so much clarity on exactly what I needed to do now, it was becoming clearer day by day.

It was strange though, because as I closed down some of the main browsers that were in my awareness, others appeared which I wasn’t aware were even open. You know on your laptop when you have so many pages open, and there is only so much space to show them all on the bottom of the screen, so I had gone into needing extra space!

I think some of the browsers had been open for so long, that I didn’t even notice them there, like the fact that I had a storage unit in the UK full of ‘things’ which have been there since I moved to Dubai, which will be exactly five years tomorrow! I couldn’t even remember what was in there, although I have been paying every year to store them, and not to mention the space it has been clogging up in my mind (unconsciously).

So I took the decision to fly home at short notice with the sole purpose of clearing out whatever was in there, and throwing it away or selling it.

All the household things I have in Dubai, I also had in my storage, plus much, much more, so those things were easy to decide to sell off.

However, there were other items which I had stored, including 30 bottles of Champagne and wine, which had been wedding or engagement gifts or collected over the previous ten years, some incredibly expensive Vintage Champagne, and some other wines which would have tasted amazing if I had drunk them a decade ago! I also had my wedding dress, which was lovingly made by my Mother, and so was special for many reasons. However, it was time to let these things go.

Looking through the ‘stuff’ in my storage unit, acknowledging the past and reliving all the happy memories for a moment, and then letting them go was one of the best (and most beneficial) things I have done!

I cleared more than just a browser, more than just deleting an app, it was like removing an entire programme which was constantly running in the background of my computer for the last seven years! I had given myself an IOS software update and rebooted my system!

I think that there is always lots going on, in all our lives, whether it’s work commitments, family commitments, children’s commitments or any other projects we might have going on around the house that are keeping us busy. It can be easy to let those things hijack our time, and allow them to be continuous open browsers.

For me, I realised that all of my open browsers were in fact just a distraction to prevent me from getting to the core of something which I didn’t want to address and I was only able to see what that was, after I had closed down all the browsers which I mentioned above.

Being busy with lots of unfinished ‘on the go’ projects was the perfect disguise I had created to ensure that I didn’t ever have to deal with an important issue which definitely did need addressing. So, although closing down all the browsers of unfinished business, did give me an enormous sense of peace, immediately staring directly in front of me, covering the whole screen, like a screensaver was the actual ‘issue’ which I was hiding from. I am working on this now and although it is tough at times, it has literally changed my life! I will talk more about this on a separate post in the near future…(to be continued).

Anyway, now, back to Dubai with plenty of RAM space free and ready to rock and roll!

I have been working on two really exciting projects, one of them is just incredible and I can’t wait to go live with it at the beginning of October! I paid to train over the summer on a brand new technique which I am trialling at the moment, and when it is finished I will be offering something totally different to anything I am doing right now and with amazing quantifiable results in a short 4 session programme designed to be completed in less than a week! I wish I could give you more details about what it is, however, as soon as I am ready to launch with the final programme details I will share it with you and I know you’re going to love it!

I have also updated my signature programme based on client feedback throughout the year, and now I am able to offer even faster results with an option to choose the module you would like to work on now, and come back later and pick up the next programme module at a later date, offering much more flexibility for my clients.

During the past 8 weeks I have expanded my client base and now I’m seeing as many clients on Skype in various countries all over the world, as I am face to face!

My daily routine has totally changed, previously my waking thoughts were anxious thoughts about my social media business posts, what will I post today, or tomorrow etc. and now I get up at 8 o’clock, go to the gym in the apartment at 9 o’clock with my iPod (that I found in my storage unit) and listen to the old skool tunes while I’m on the treadmill! Then I go to the pool and swim and read my book for a couple of hours, without even looking at my phone to check for likes or new messages!

Due to different time zones and working times in Dubai, I usually start working in the late afternoon, and that does mean that I can have clients on Skype until as late as midnight, though not always. So my day starts in a very relaxed way, with minimal browsers open and more clarity than I have had in years!

I know that since I came off Facebook and Instagram etc. you’ve haven’t been aware of what I’ve been doing and likewise I have missed whatever you have been doing too! I hope you are all happy and well.

And after reading this, some of you might just, go ahead and close down some of your own browsers, now.

Thank you, and have a lovely day!

Maria x

Maria Tansey Coaching- walking on the beach


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