Want Change, Won’t Change

You want to get fit or lose weight or quit a habit, and you know you’ve just had enough now, and you want to make a change, BUT…….there is something inside you that stops you from taking action or prevents you from stopping that behaviour, and you meet up with your friends and you tell them that you’re fed up of the situation you’re in, and it’s probably not the first time you said it to them or to someone else, and they say “well why don’t you just go and do it already?” and they are annoyed because you complained about this a few weeks or months ago and STILL you haven’t “done it” and they say “if you really wanted to do it, you’d just do it!”.

And when they say this, it is so frustrating because you KNOW that you really, really want to stop doing whatever it is, or start doing whatever it is, and how can they say that like it’s just ‘so easy’ to do!

Do you hear yourself procrastinating and saying to yourself “I’ll do it after I get back from holiday, or I can’t afford to do it now, or I’ve got too many things going on for me at the moment.”



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