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I’m Maria, a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Master Life Coach, Master Hypnotist and a Member of the ICF (International Coach Federation). I moved to the UAE 5 years ago from England as a business consultant working in the hospitality industry and now live in Dubai helping my clients to enjoy an even better quality of life!

After spending more than sixteen years transforming businesses, I’ve seen first-hand the power of psychology and coaching within the business environment.

With a Psychotherapist for a Father and Counsellor for a Mother back in the UK, I have always been fascinated by the study of human behaviour and I think I always knew in my heart, that helping others was the career for me. I studied Applied Human Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University and continued my studies in Dubai completing the Master Coaching qualifications with the brilliant Robert Simic RSCI, focusing on neuro-linguistics so that I could also inspire, motivate and empower others!

All I knew in the beginning, was that I wanted the freedom to create my own career path, and I was determined to make it work. Once I had decided on my goal, I dedicated all my time to studying, training and researching, and in a matter of months I had established my own successful coaching business! And here I am almost two years on and I have helped so many clients from all different nationalities, ages and backgrounds.

I see most of my clients face to face, either in my office or at their home, and I also have many international clients who I work with over Skype or via telephone, and it is just as effective!

When I have finished any session with my clients, I am absolutely buzzing! Regardless of the time of day, or the length of the session, there is nowhere I would rather be! My passion is helping my clients get the results that they want, and quickly!

I am fully committed to my clients inside the session as well as spending a lot of time outside the sessions planning the techniques and exercises for the following session, to ensure that my clients get the most out of their time.

Although I follow a broad structure for all my programmes; every client is different, and I tailor my programme to each client individually so that my client achieves their goals.

My own personal and professional development is very important for me. Each year I commit to broadening my range of techniques and furthering my knowledge by choosing a course that is most relevant to my learning at that particular time and I also invest in at least twelve hours of Coaching for myself, to keep my own mind in the optimum position to help you!

As part of my membership to the ICF I also commit to regular supervision and engage in the reciprocal coaching programme with other member coaches.

This year I decided to take my professional studies one step further, and for the next two years I am studying on the brilliant International Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy and Counselling Skills with the Essex Institute for Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, UK, which is one the leading and longest-established training schools in the UK, via Transformations Institute Dubai. On completion of the Advanced International Diploma, I will be fully qualified as a Psychotherapist.

My short-term plans for the rest of 2018 is to launch the amazing new programme that I’m working on at the moment to give my clients something that they have been asking me to offer for the past 18 months!

This programme will be totally different to anything that I am offering at the moment and I can’t wait to share it with you. I am trialling the programme at the moment, which is going really well and as soon as I have finalised the programme details I will be ready to launch by October 2018! Watch out for updates!

My long-term goal over the next couple of years, is to expand my practice even further with a Wellness Clinic here in Dubai, offering a variety of treatment packages with my team of Wellness Professionals. I am also going to run my signature LifeChanger Programme at my Retreat in the Mediterranean during the hot summer months in Dubai starting in 2019.

With these goals in mind, I am always on the look out to connect with other like-minded ‘Wellness Professionals’ who would like to join me in one of these upcoming ventures! So get in touch if you’re interested or would like to invest in this project!

There are many other Coaches in Dubai and they offer differing lengths of programme depending on your goals. I work with most of my clients for about six to eight sessions (approx two hours per session) and then they just don’t need me anymore! In fact, usually by the end of the third session, I can notice a significant improvement in the overall well-being or mindset of my clients!

The changes occur gradually throughout the process, even right from the initial complimentary consultation!

The changes happen unconsciously, inside and outside of the session, in fact, many of my clients report that they have the biggest ‘breakthrough’s’ or ‘aha’ moments when they are at home or at work the following day after a session!

I am always realistic and honest about the number of sessions you are likely to need, and throughout the process we will regularly evaluate your progress and adjust the number of sessions to suit you.

I’ll be sharing mindfulness tips and inspiration on my blog. I also enjoy sharing life updates, wonderful places I’ve visited, and sending positive vibes along the way. In my free time, I am a keen photographer, painter and I really love to travel, so expect lots of beautiful photographs from exotic destinations when you follow my blog!

Take the next step with me and achieve the life of your dreams.


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